Adeile Penguin chilling in the Antarctic summer. Filming for Disney Penguins 2017

  • Jan-Feb 2020 BBC/Silverback 'The Mating Game' Longlens and Phantom

  • October - December 2019 BBC/Silverback Films 'Great Britain'

  • July / August 2019 BBC/Silverback Films 'Great Britain'

  • ​July 2019 Apple TV+ 

  • June 2019 Apple TV+

  • May 2019 BBC/Silverback Films 'The Mating Game'

  • Jan - March 2019 Back to back shoots for 'Frozen Planet 2'

  • Disney Nature 'Penguins'

  • BBC 'Seven Worlds'

  • National Geographic 'Hostile Planet'

  • BBC 'Perfect Planet'

  • BBC 'Cities'

  • Smithsonian 'Island of the Monsoon'

  • BBC Springwatch 2018

  • Bioblitz 2018 Online content

       I'm an experienced longlens wildlife cameraman and drone operator having filmed for award winning wildlife documentaries for over a decade.

       I've filmed on every continent from the 'lost worlds' of South America's Tepuis right to the Northern-most tip of Arctic Canada and Antarctica's high and remote Nunataks.

       I have used all makes of high end digital acquisition cameras including Phantom 4K Flex, Phantom Veo 4K, RED Helium 8K, Gemini and Monstro and ARRI Alexa. I own a CineAlta Sony F55 plus the AXS-R7 RAW recorder. If you wish to hire kit please see my full kit list on the 'About' page.

       Having been one of the first licenced pilots in the country to have flown drones for natural history film making, I am able to acquire the best possible images, even in the most difficult of locations. I have flown in the most challenging of situations without the aid of GPS or compass at -45'Celcius in the high Arctic. I have also used a DJI Inspire1 at 5300m near Everest base camp.

       I'm always looking to improve my abilities and skill set. I have recently trained on GSS have just completed a Shotover and drone shoot in Subantarctic waters.


Of course, there is no getting around the fact that I use planes a lot. Some wildlife documentaries are attempting carbon neutrality and in fact some of them unofficially already are. I personally offset my own travel through the wonderful work done by Click the link for more information