Adeile Penguin chilling in the Antarctic summer. Filming for Disney Penguins 2017

  • Jan-Feb 2020 BBC/Silverback 'The Mating Game' Longlens and Phantom

  • October - December 2019 BBC/Silverback Films 'Great Britain'

  • July / August 2019 BBC/Silverback Films 'Great Britain'

  • ​July 2019 Apple TV+ 

  • June 2019 Apple TV+

  • May 2019 BBC/Silverback Films 'The Mating Game'

  • Jan - March 2019 Back to back shoots for 'Frozen Planet 2'

  • Disney Nature 'Penguins'

  • BBC 'Seven Worlds'

  • National Geographic 'Hostile Planet'

  • BBC 'Perfect Planet'

  • BBC 'Cities'

  • Smithsonian 'Island of the Monsoon'

  • BBC Springwatch 2018

  • Bioblitz 2018 Online content

       I'm an experienced longlens wildlife cameraman and drone operator having filmed for award winning wildlife documentaries for over a decade.

       I've filmed on every continent from the 'lost worlds' of South America's Tepuis right to the Northern-most tip of Arctic Canada and Antarctica's high and remote Nunataks.

       Having established myself as a specialist behavioural longlenser, I have recently been moving into stabilised camera systems. In 2020 I filmed a number of sequences for a, soon to be aired, BBC/Silverback series using various vehicle based Cineflex and GSS.


Of course, there is no getting around the fact that I use planes a lot. Some wildlife documentaries are attempting carbon neutrality and in fact some of them unofficially already are. I personally offset my own travel through the wonderful work done by Click the link for more information

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