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A huge White Tailed Eagle stoops in for a closer look. Photographed on location for BBC's Wild Scandinavia

     With more than 15 years of experience, I am highly skilled cinematographer, filming award-winning natural history documentaries in some of the most challenging environments on Earth. 

     Recently, I've been working with the BBC Natural History Unit and Silverback Films, using Shotover, GSS, and Cineflex stabilised platforms, including helicopter and electric ATV, to film sequences for a number of landmark documentaries. In addition, having been one of the first licensed pilots to have flown drones in the natural history film making genre, I continually strive to be innovative to create fresh and beautiful aerial imagery even in the most difficult of locations.

     I am passionate about telling remarkable stories and creating spectacular imagery with the hope of inspiring and educating audiences around the world.

     Having witnessed first-hand the catastrophic effects of climate change on shoots, especially in polar regions, I am deeply committed to carbon neutrality and personally offset my travel through in addition to working with productions that strive for nutrality.



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