Filming a chrystal storm whipped up by catabatic winds in Antarctica for the BBC's new flagship series One Planet Seven Worlds. ©John Aitchison/BBC NHU

It's been a very busy 2017-2018 winter for me with back to back shoots in Antarctica, Canada, and the high Arctic. ©Alain Lusignan

Filming at the Everest Momorial 4300m high on the route to base camp was an emotional day.   ©Alex Lanchester/BBC

Before I started a career in wildlife film making I had many and varied vocations. I spent my youth living and schooling in Europe trying to make it as a ski racer. I then worked in conservation for a number of years. I had various full-time posts within the RSPB and BirdLife International, including a joyous year on Frigate Island in the Seychelles managing the, then, rarest bird in the world the Seychelles Magpie Robin. Having always been an artistic person and studying fine art sculpture at college before finally getting a degree in ecology, I felt I needed to explore photography and film more. After much deliberation I decided to have a go at wildlife filming. I got a very early break with an assistant’s job on Autumnwatch, then Springwatch and moved up from there until I now film sequences for a variety of production agencies such as the world-famous BBC Natural History Unit, Silverback Productions and Plimsoll Productions.

The industry in the last ten years has changed fast because of new digital media acquisition. Not least the incredible growth of drone use. I was one of the first licenced pilots to film for nature documentaries, including the incredible 'The Hunt' for BBC 1. At that period there were no 'off the shelf' solutions to flying camers under drones so I built my own 'heavy lifter' to take a RED camera. Now things are very different and I've recently had the chance to fly a DJI Inspire2 with the X7 camera in Sri Lanka and the Canadian Arctic. Its an incredible machine and, if used properly, can bring some truly awesome results.

I also own a Sony CineAlta F55 and AXS-R7 recorder, along with tripods, tripod heads and lenses. Please click 'here' to see a full list. 


Island of the Monsoon

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Flying drones at 5000m was challanging! This photo was taken at Namche Bazaar at a mear 3400m

©Alex Lanchester/BBC